Thank you for using my iPhone application. iSimple type iPhone applications are very simple and specific utility applications. It does simply what it’s name is and nothing more.

Please look for more iSimple type applications. For feedback and suggestions send email to: iSimpleTypeApp@gmail.com.

Programming and design by 
Rob George.

Artwork by 
Rob George Jr.


13 responses to “About

  • Troy Garner

    Can you back your data up in ICloud or ITunes in the icattlelog app. It is very critical that I can back the info up I entered and retrieve it in the event I loose my iphone or upgrade etc.

  • Rosa

    I have been inputting my information but now my app icattlelog has quit working I have turned my iPhone off several times with no luck??? Please help I find this app very useful if it will work again!

  • Ignacio Vela

    what is the difference between iCattle and iLivestock? They seem to be similar

    • Rob George

      Well, iCattleLog is my first Livestock management application. It is designed for Cattle and has the basic information needed to keep track of your heard.
      It is very popular and stood the test of time. BTW I’ve get an update with a file management module. This will allow you to make backups on the phone and send them via email.
      You can also send the animal reports and create CSV files you can import into excel or numbers.

      iLivestockMgr my latest livestock management software, it a bit more advanced. It has over 90 pieces of information about your animal.
      It is extended to allow other species and breads. The reporting is the same and includes all the functionality iCattlelog, except it is not a universal app (runs natively on the ipad)… This will be coming available in the near future. It also integrates with the iCloud. This allows you to view and update your data anywhere on any device that is on the same iCloud account. It also includes a pasture management module. Enter information about your pastures yield and number of animals grazing to get an estimate on number of days before rotating pastures.
      iPasturMgr is the same as the pasture management module in iLivestockMgr, but available is a separate application.

      Let me know if you have any other questions.

      • Ignacio Vela

        I am very interested, I would like to have the iLivestockMgr universal app so I can access the data in iphone or iPad. Also, is it possible that there are 2 users (maybe the ranch manager and the ranch owner) with different devices looking at the same data? Will it work offline and make updates when online?

      • Rob George

        Actually you can use the application on any IOS device (iPhone iPad or even iTouch) However on the iPad it uses the iPhone compatibility mode.
        As far as who can access the data. This is controlled through the iCloud account setup on the device(s), so you and a ranch manager can easily share the data with the same account. With the iCloud you can work offline, then when you can connect everything syncs up. You will need to be careful not to update the same information. For this App the last one with the update wins. The other updates may be overwritten.

      • Ignacio Vela

        When will it be available for iPad without the iPhone compatibility?

      • Rob George

        iLivestock will be released as a universal application on the next update.
        This is scheduled for release in the next few weeks.

  • greg

    dose either version keep palpation information? if so can you enter days bred when you palpate? also, when entering pedigree info can you use reference animals so your inventory dose not get cluttered?

    you might think of a trial version with limited animals so people can get a hands on.

    • Rob George

      Probably the best place to enter that is in the events section, basically its a chronological log for each animal. It has facilities for notes and comments. Also there is a feature called “Quick Events” that lets you setup canned “events” where you can add the additional specifics. All three of the livestock management apps have the events, iCattleLogPro and iLivestockMgr have the quick events.

      As for the trial version, well I’ve tried that with very limited success. There are loads of demo video on YouTube for iCattlelogPro and iLivestockMgr. That will give you a good feel for the apps.

      Thanks for your interest and support for these products. Your comments and suggestions are greatly appreciated. I use them to make the product(s) better.

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