Rodeo Moms

Hannah-Beth Tems

I have been a part of sports all my life. From T-Ball to Soccer to Basketball to yes, Rodeo. There is always a different side of the game when it comes to the parents. Sometimes, the parents are far more entertaining than the children and the game! Fights, yelling, throwing of -things-, and of course the unending, die hard support of their child’s team.


But I am going to look at this from a particularly biased standpoint and say that there is NOTHING that compares to the parents of rodeo… specifically rodeo MOMS.

Rodeo moms are their own breed.

1) Rodeo Moms will NEVER miss an entry

It just doesn’t happen. Due by when? It WILL be there. Count on it.

2) They will spend hours writing down times

They won’t miss a time either, and if they do, they will hunt. it. down. Why find out where we…

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