When You Give A Boy A Calf

Of Kids and Cows

When you give a boy a calf, you teach him responsibility. He is responsible to help in the daily care of his calf. She must be fed, watered, comfortable and content. It is his job as her owner to give her all her little cow heart desires. If something goes wrong, the weight of the problem can fall on his little shoulders.

boycalf2When you give a boy a calf, you teach him work ethic. The calf doesn’t care if it’s raining, cold, or if he’s hungry. All she knows being a cow, is that he is her care taker. He feeds her twice a day, seven days a week. He gives her clean water and dry bedding. Christmas presents and Easter baskets may have to be put on hold so he can tend to his little lady. Giving him a calf teaches him that he must work hard and put…

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