Meet Elinor Opitz, a dairy farmer with Ayrshires from Minnesota!

Mackinson Dairy Farm

Elinor Opitz from Maple Lake, Minnesota! Elinor Opitz & Sugar from Maple Lake, Minnesota.  Sugar is due 12/10/14 with her 1st calf.

I would like to introduce Elinor Opitz (age 25) from Maple Lake, Minnesota.  Elinor and her husband Mat were married nearly a year and a half ago.  Their herd (11 milk cows, 14 heifers and 1 streer) is 100% Registered Ayrshires.  In addition to the cows, they have a dog, Keely and three cats Princess Peach, Luke & Leia.  Elinor and Mat are in the process of fixing up their farm and will start milking 30 head of Ayrshires at their farm in May 2015.  Currently, the cows are milked at their neighbor Charles Krause’s dairy.  They own 20 acres and rent another 20, which will be a pasture for the milk cows.  The cows will be milked in a double six herringbone parlor and they have a freestall barn that could hold up to…

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