17 Pictures That Prove Working in Agriculture is the Best Ever

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There are many reasons working in Agriculture is better than other industries, but now we’ve got the pictures to prove it. Below, Farmers share why they work in Ag and their shots show just how awesome it is to be working in the Combine, Tractor or with the cattle and livestock, day in and day out!

  1. Mike S. – Being out here! Most challenging and rewarding job!
    Mike Stark's photo.
  2. Franklin L. – 
    Franklin Laidler's photo.
  3. Bethany H
    Bethany Hartwig's photo.
  4.  Scott M. – nuff said!
    Scott Maienbrook's photo.
  5. Jeffre C. – The dirt the dust and cutting hay and riding the tractor and trying to fill the shoes of past generations
    Jeffre Coggin's photo.
  6. Dan N. – 
    Dan Nyquist's photo.
  7. Jonathon H. – Planting crops
    Jonathan Hoerler's photo.
  8. Frank L. –
    Franklin Laidler's photo.
  9. Ken B. – Milking cows
    Ken Bekius's photo.
  10. Jake V. –
    Jake Vogel's photo.
  11. Shoan C. – The smell of fresh plowed dirt smell of fresh cut hay knowin that you are the back bone of America
    Shoan Coffee's photo.
  12. Jarrett H. – The night shift
    Jarrett Hacker's photo.
  13. Matt C…

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