Montana Rancher Q and A: John Henry Beardsley, Miles City

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Like many Montanans, cattle ranching goes back several generations in the family’s history. One of these ranchers is John Henry Beardsley of Miles City, Montana. John Henry grew up on his family’s ranch and recently, graduated from Montana State University. Today, we learn what his next steps are and how the family ranch plays a role in his future….

What is the history of your family’s ranch? 

The ranch was homesteaded in 1910 by my great-grandpa John Henry Beardsley. My Grandpa, John Henry, kept slowly building the ranch by raising crops, kids, cattle, horses, pigs and sheep. My dad, Jim Beardsley, has expanded what my grandpa had to where we are today.

John Henry on his working horse. John Henry on his working horse.

What is the ranch like today?

Our cow herd consists of Angus and Red Angus cows that we have developed through 40+ years of artificially inseminating (A.I.). We use Hereford bulls on the…

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