A “Taylor-Made” Rancher Spotlight

Eye of the White Face

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September Rancher Spotlight: Taylor-Made Ranch

This month’s Spotlight should have been titled, “Ahead of the Curve.” We visit with Stacy and Tammy Taylor of Taylor-Made Ranch, located near the big little town of Wolfe City in Hunt County, Texas. Bet you didn’t know that Hunt County is made up of over 5 % water. I learned that when I had to MapQuest, Wolfe City. The 1.5 square mile town is just north of Greenville, Texas at the intersections of state highways 34 and 11. Tammy states they used their last name to spin off the phrase “tailor-made”, and since they started the ranch themselves she says the ranch really is “Taylor-Made” for them.

Stacy and Tammy Taylor #TaylorMadeRanch (2)

The ranch was started in May of 2000 when the Taylor’s were looking for land and found their paradise in that little northeast corner of Texas. They fell in love with an original 1880’s barn that was…

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