1. Hormones in Poultry

They do NOT exist! Farmers do not inject hormones into poultry (chicken or turkey) to increase production because it is illegal! Could you imagine a poultry farmer trying to inject each of his animals with hormones?! The farmers would be the ones that would be running around with their head cut off!

2.  4 Popular Types of Corn

Dent- This corn is used to feed for animals and is the base product in some of the foods we eat like corn flakes for example.

Sweet- This is the type people can buy and eat right off the corn cob or buy in in the grocery store.

Popcorn- Americans favorite pastime snack!

Indian- Traditionally used as decoration pieces

types of corn

3.  Corn planting, harvesting, storage

Corn is planted between April-May and then harvested between September-November, God willing. When corn is harvested it is either stored in grain bins or taken…

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