8 Apps For Ranchers Recommended By Ranchers Oct. 9, 2013 by Amanda Radke in BEEF Daily

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“iCattleMgrPro is the best app I’ve seen for livestock management on a mobile device. It does most of what many desktop apps do that I’ve used in the past. Comparing it to the other apps for the iPhone and Android it is the best value. Many of the others are presented as free, but once you sign up and register you then see the actual cost. This app is a one time charge. When you compare it to many  desktop apps it is  a real bargain. The vendor does have other versions available at different price points.  The other versions iCattleMgr & iCattleLite are less expensive.  They have in app purchase options that allow you to upgrade and add the features you want. The iCattleLite version only allows 2 animals but you can update to unlimited. Best of all support is excellent and the vendor is US/Texas based. Locally owned and operated. 100% Made in the USA!”


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