Pointers on using the Grouping feature.

The grouping feature is accessed through the inventory screen. On the top left of the inventory screen is the grouping control button. You access by pressing the button or sliding the screen to the right. 
From there you can select any group you want to manage. A selected group is highlighted blue. A tool bar will also appear on the bottom of the screen  just above the tab bar. 
You will be able to “Manage” the group or “Service” one or more groups. 
Managing a group is the process of selecting which animals will be included in the group. You can add, remove, delete or move selected animals to another group.  You can edit a group or add a new one by pressing the blue arrow. This works much like the animal entry screen.  Any animal can belong to as many groups as needed. So a Dam may be in a Cow/Calf groups and a herd group.
Servicing a group or groups is the process of working with a specified set of animals.  You can tell you are working with a group by the highlighted group button. To stop using the group and go back to the main inventory, press the group control button once. It will change back to the normal non-blue highlight. 
There is a you tube video demonstrating the feature on the www.iCattleMgrPro.com web site. 
So for herds you would basically select all the animals included in the herd. 
Pairs may be set up by creating a group with a name or ID of the Dam, and you would include the calf(s) as needed. 

You may also want to create a group for the Dam with all its offspring. this will give you a set that may be used to keep track of the Dams productivity over time. 



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