About our live stock management apps: iCattleMgr, iCattleMgrPro and iLivestockMgr

iSimpleTypeApps are very proud.  American proud!


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2 responses to “About our live stock management apps: iCattleMgr, iCattleMgrPro and iLivestockMgr

  • Marcia Fawver

    We have a small herd of goats. Few questions. When are the new apps coming out? Does the icattlemgr let you do sire and dam also or just the pro version? Last question, on any of the three programs, can you view one event on multiple goats, for instance, vaccinations for the whole herd and worming events can I view it separately for each goat or if the same event applies to more than one goat can I view that in a single place?

    • Rob George

      Great to hear…
      The current version 5.2 of iLivestockMgr should be perfect for your goats. We release updates often, so if you are looking for a specific feature let us know. Dam and Sire are entered on each animal record level. iCattleMgr will allow you to enter this as well provided you get the extended data add on. Events are entered only at the animal level, however this sounds like and excellent enhancement to the grouping feature in a future release.
      Thanks for your input and feedback.

      Note iCattleMgrPro and iLivestockMgr are functionally the same and include all the advanced features. iCattleMgr is priced as an entry app but allow activating of all the features of the “Pro” versions through in app purchases. Its a great way to try it out and see if it will work for you.

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