Is My Data Secure?

Is My Data Secure?

iCattleMgrPro, iLivestockMgr, iPastureMgr & iCattleMgr use Apple iCloud technology. What this means to you is that…

Data Security

iCloud secures your data by encrypting it when it is sent over the Internet, storing it in an encrypted format when kept the on server (review the table below for detail), and using secure tokens for authentication. This means that your data is protected from unauthorized access both while it is being transmitted to your devices and when it is stored in the cloud. iCloud uses a minimum of 128-bit AES encryption – the same level of security employed by major financial institutions – and never provides encryption keys to any third parties.

Security and iCloud Features

The table below summarizes how your data is secured when using various iCloud features:

Data In transit On server Notes
Calendars Yes Yes A minimum of 128-bit AES encryption
Contacts Yes Yes
Bookmarks Yes Yes
Reminders Yes Yes
Photo Stream Yes Yes
Documents in the Cloud Yes Yes
Backup Yes Yes
Find My iPhone Yes Yes
Find My Friends Yes Yes Yes N/A All sessions at are encrypted with SSL. Any data accessed via is encrypted on server as indicated in this table.
Back to My Mac Yes N/A Back to My Mac does not store data on iCloud. Data retrieved from other computers is encrypted with SSL while in transit.
iTunes in the Cloud Yes N/A Purchased or matched music files are not encrypted on server because they do not contain any personal information
Mail and Notes Yes No All traffic between your devices and iCloud Mail and Notes is encrypted with SSL. Consistent with standard industry practice, iCloud does not encrypt data stored on IMAP mail servers. All Apple email clients support optional S/MIME encryption.

What this means is that, security is managed by apple, you don’t need to buy anything like a server or have to trust a third party vendor to secure and host/store it. Its managed the same as ANY Apple application and handled with the same standard as financial information. There is no registration required with iSimpleTypeApp, no password and no account.  The data is yours and no one has access to it unless you choose send it or share your iCloud account.

iLivestockMgr and iCattleMgrPro also use Apple’s core database technology. Through a sophisticated replication process similar to photo stream, your data in its complete form lies only on your devices. Core data, employs logging to  record the transactions (one by one) and then manages sending the logs to each device.

Another feature of the advanced apps (iCattleMgrPro, iLivestockMgr, etc) is the ability to function without the internet, so when there is no internet connectivity out on the ranch you can continue to use the app and when you are back to civilization you automatically catch up. You can add a new device at any time and it will automatically catch up with everything else.


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