I just got your app and its not syncing. Help!

Just to be sure we are on the same page, we have four applications for livestock management.
1. iCattleMgr  – This app records basic information and animal event data.
2. iCattleMgrPro  – This and iLivestockMgr are much more robust applications, they utilize iCloud to share data across devices in near real time.
3. iLivestockMgr  – The difference between currently is cosmetic, however as the application evolve this one will facilitate multi species data.
4. iPastureMgr  – This in included in iLivestockMgr and iCattleMgrPro as a module, but is offered as a separate module for those that only need pasture management.
If you really want the data replicated you need iCattleMgrPro or iLivestockMgr. If you have purchased iCattleMgr and want iCattleMgrPro, iTunes will issue a refund. See iTunes for details.
Sharing is as simple as setting up iCloud and then installing the software (one at a time) on your devices.
We are using an example of an iPad and an iPhone. But any two devices will do.
See this for instructions on getting iCloud setup http://www.apple.com/icloud/setup/ios.html.
1. Every device will need connectivity to the internet, cellular or WiFi is fine.
2. Make sure you turn on Document Sharing the iCloud setup.
3. Each Device will need to use the same iCloud Account.
Note after you get your iPad up and running with the cloud, that message about being in “Fallback Mode” will stop and the import should begin.
Make sure you get the iPad completely setup before moving to the iPhone.
You should be able to do the same with the iPhone (No need to re-migrate the iCattleMgr data if you have done this) and the data will start syncing on both.
Be patient and let everything settle, it may take a minute or two.
Make sure you get the iPad completely setup before moving to the iPhone.
For more information about our products visit http://www.iCattleMgrPro.com and check out the FAQ area.
If iCattleMgr is what you have and wish to use, you can move the database from one device to another, however this requires the devices to be connected to iTunes on your desktop.
See the backup/restore documentation also found on the  www.iCattleMgrPro.com site.

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