How do you delete a Species?

If you go to the species, or any of the other reference data screens and type ID (number) and press apply.  You can then turn on the “Hidden” option. This will remove the item from the picker listings. 

We do not usually delete reference data to ensure the integrity of the data. But hiding the record essentially does the same thing. 
Alternatively, if you really want to delete the record you can reload the seed data by going into the System screen and pressing the “Reference Data” button and clicking on the “Species”, or any other needed. This deletes all the data and then reloads from the CSV file.
The CSV files can also be exported through iTunes, edited and then imported to fully customize the reference data. Caution should be taken when doing this, animal data actually stores the ID Numbers not the Descriptive. 
BTW, the next release will have a “Favorites” option, this will push them to the top of the list. 
Let me know it you have any other questions or suggestions for this or any other of our apps. Or new ones you might want to see. 

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