iLivestockMgr How to enter a new species

LM (LivestockMGr) is initially setup for cattle, however it is designed to allow for most farm animals.
How to add a new Species/Breed

iLivestockMgr is initially setup for cattle however it is designed to allow management of most farm animals.

To add a new Species/Breed you will need to follow these steps.

Select the “More” tab at the bottom of any main screen.
Select the “Breed” setup screen.
Press the “New ID” button
This creates an id for your breed that will be used throughout the system. Once you create it you should not change it.
Select the species for the breed by pressing the blue circle next to the species entry field.
Alternatively you can enter the species id number in the field.

Enter the breed name in the “Breed” field.
Enter the average gestation period in days in the “Gestation” field.
This is used in the gestation calculator.

The Meta Data section should not need any input.
Note the “Hidden” selector should not be changed from “No”
This is used to exclude items form the pickers to speed up data entry.

Press the “Save” button at the top right of the entry screen, to save the record.
Press the “More” button at the top left of the screen to exit the entry screen.

You are now setup to enter Sheep.


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4 responses to “iLivestockMgr How to enter a new species

  • Troy Garner

    I have been talking to the Apple support team and we are unable to back my info up with the Icattlelog ICloud. It is very critical that my info can be backed up and stored in the case I loose my phone ect. If I can’t back my cattle records up then I will not be able to use this app because I can in no way loose my cattle records.
    Please post any info on a workaround in backing my data up, I have read some reviews where other users have lost their info when they went to a different phone

  • Ana

    I had many software in the past but none you will get the customer service you will get with this app. Just wonderful just a little hard to get use too but well worth the time 10stars here ..thanks

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