The Best Dog


Last week we had to let go of our dog. Last week we found out she had cancer. Last week after fourteen years we had to put her down.



Last week was a hard week, and this week is a hard week. I keep looking for her and she is everywhere. I see her next to me because she was my shadow. I check her water bowl and it is gone. I start to call her name and even say it out loud. I think its time to feed her, worried she is hungry. These things will fade. But my memories of her will not.


She was known as our bar dog. Not because she liked to frequent bars, but because we found her at a bar. She was a little red ball of fur with giant brown eyes and a head bigger then her body. It was love…

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Baking Easter Goodies with Kiddos


Easter Bunny Cake Bars

I love baking with my Lillie!  She is in second grade and 8 years old.  We decided to try this recipe for Easter Bunny Cake Bars.  It is a very simple recipe.  The entire recipe took us under an hour to make from start to finish.  Lillie and her brother Robbie each took an Easter Bunny Cake Bar in their lunch today.  And one for their teachers too.  :))



Easter Bunny Peeps (different colors would be pretty)

Yellow Cake Mix

4 egg yolks

1 egg

1/2 cup of butter


3 1/2 Cups of white chocolate chips

14 oz can of sweet/condensed milk


  1. Mix softened butter in mixing bowl

IMG_1708 3

2.  Add egg, egg yolks and vanilla.

IMG_1709 2

3.  Slowly add yellow cake mix.


4.  Spray cake pan with non-stick cooking spray.  Spoon cake mixture into pan and spread evenly.  Now you can sprinkle on the…

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Our thoughts and prayers are with Farmer Bright and family.

Farmer Bright

The first thing that went wrong was me oversleeping. But I don’t oversleep. I have two alarms on my phone so that never happens. Friday morning I woke up a few minutes late. My first thought was that there would be no leisurely reading my local tv news app on my phone as I got my coats on.

Exiting my bedroom hallway I saw the real problem. Orange flames lit my living room windows from outside. I thought our chimney was on fire, but for better or worse, it was the farm’s shop building. Like the smoke to come, the next part gets hazy. 

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Food labels. Two words that are taken more seriously by consumers than any scientific reasoning, fact, or common sense explanation. Do the food labels you commonly see stress you out? Throw that stress away because you have nothing to worry about! Let’s take a further look into the labels causing all the controversy.


The most popular, and most feared food label in the market. So what is a GMO? GMO stands for genetically modified organism. Sounds scary, right? Wrong. GMOs are simply a result of modifying plant traits, produced to increase yields in order to increase food supply, reduce pesticide use, and eliminate diseases in crops. GMOs ensure a safer, and healthier food system for consumers. 


Hormones occur naturally in humans and animals. So what does a hormone-free label mean? Absolutely nothing, hormone-free meat does not exist. It’s called fear-based marketing, and it works. Need more convincing?…

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As an Agriculture Communications major and not having much of a background in agriculture, let me tell you how much I am learning about this incredible industry, and more importantly, the leaders of this industry.

One big lesson that I have learned is that some of the most accepting and loving people come from the world of agriculture. Many people have their special talents but I’ve learned that it’s farmers that are my superheros!

farmer superheroThese are just some of the ways farmers are different than superheroes:

  1. They don’t wear their underwear on the outside of their pants.

2. They don’t have an alter ego to hide their super-heroness-they just own it. Farmers aren’t anybody but themselves and they’re proud of it!

3.They feed the world, instead of fighting crime.

4. Their capes are actually farmer hats

5. Their mode of transportation doesn’t fly but has four-wheel drive. Farmers need…

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Rodeo Moms

Hannah-Beth Tems

I have been a part of sports all my life. From T-Ball to Soccer to Basketball to yes, Rodeo. There is always a different side of the game when it comes to the parents. Sometimes, the parents are far more entertaining than the children and the game! Fights, yelling, throwing of -things-, and of course the unending, die hard support of their child’s team.


But I am going to look at this from a particularly biased standpoint and say that there is NOTHING that compares to the parents of rodeo… specifically rodeo MOMS.

Rodeo moms are their own breed.

1) Rodeo Moms will NEVER miss an entry

It just doesn’t happen. Due by when? It WILL be there. Count on it.

2) They will spend hours writing down times

They won’t miss a time either, and if they do, they will hunt. it. down. Why find out where we…

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My Big Secret-Released

My Big Secret-Released.